Corporate Programs

Corporate Program
Conveniently located in Haddonfield, New Jersey, Dynamic language Services can prepare your employees for overseas assignments by increasing their language skills to better communicate with their co-workers when on assignment overseas. For the corporate client who is locating overseas for
6 - 48 months we offer a variety of language programs that can prepare you for your new assignment.
Your native fluent language coach can teach you to communicate in your target language as well as familiarize you with the idiomatic expressions found in the target country. A cultural component will be included in your language training to acquaint you with the nuances of the culture you will be living in.
The Dynamic Language Center offers a number of programs to meet a variety of goals.

Dynamic Immersion

Is our fastest and most intense language learning solution. The program is completely customized and designed to teach business professionals to communicate in most business and social settings in as little as one to three weeks. When the business professional needs to learn a language immediately, Dynamic Immersion takes your employees to a new level of language proficiency very quickly. Rapid results are achieved when immersed in this fast-paced private language instruction program.

Dynamic Private Instruction

Private instruction is our most flexible language training program, and is custom designed to meet each individual's schedule and unique set of objectives. Private instruction provides personalized, one-on-one language learning that can be customized to cover specialized vocabulary and business expressions related to the organization's needs or the individual's job description.

Corporate Group Instruction

Is language training specifically tailored to the needs of a group of co-workers or team members. It is an economical way to provide language instruction for those who have the same needs and objectives. Team members meet in groups of up to 12 individuals, ensuring everyone has the opportunity for personal attention and group participation.

Dynamic Duo

A closed group of two employees who are looking to increase their language skills in the same target language. Flexible scheduling and a tailored program are two advantages this program can offer.
Dynamic Language Services can offer the language training your employees deserve. The combination of our experienced instructors, tailored language programs, supplemental learning material, conversational learning method and an environment conducive to learning will ensure your employees are ready for their overseas assignment.
Please call our Haddonfield language center at 848.333.6997 or 215 821-7808 for more information.
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